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Sat Apr 26 02:41:16 UTC 2008

The login isn't a requirement to get on the page, so I want to have a link,
but, I understand what you are saying

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 6:24 PM, Ramon Leon <ramon.leon at allresnet.com>

> >
> > wow, this shouldn't be that hard to figure out, but, I can't
> > seem to be able to change the value of wantsLogin( the
> > variable I am using, should be self explanatory) from my
> > prototype menu component, so, I can't get to the login
> > component, what am i doing?
> >
> > MenuComponent>>renderConentOn: html
> >      html anchor callback: [self session wantsLogin: true];
> > with: [html text: 'login']
> >
> > RootTask>>go
> >     [ self session wantsLogin ]
> >         whileTrue: [Transcript show: 'wantsLogin = true'; cr.
> > self call: self loginComponent].
> >     Transcript show: 'wantsLogin = false'; cr. self call:
> > self menuComponent
> >
> Your logic seems a bit backwards here.  By the time your menu component is
> shown and has the chance to modify wantsLogin, you're past the login.  To
> make it work, you need to restart the task by answering from the menu.
>  html anchor callback: [self session wantsLogin: true. self answer]; with:
> 'login'
> So the menu component returns control of the UI back to the Task, which
> will
> then restart.  If you're going to force a login, probably better to stick
> the user on the session and have the task check for a nil user instead,
> then
> the login form need just set a current user on the session.
> I usually use a null object pattern here and have a special null user so I
> can delegate to the current user (whether logged in or out) to find out
> what
> actions are available.  For example, login is a valid action for a null
> user
> while logout is a valid action for any other user.
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