[Seaside] #render: or #call: components.

Edward Stow ed.stow at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 09:51:55 UTC 2008


I have an application that has a body section, the body section can be
rendered with two or more components.  For example:

    - HeaderComponent
    - BodyComponent - one of BodyOne | BodyTwo | etc components.
    - FooterComponent

This question may be exposing my ignorance .... but I see two ways to
'paint' my page with components in response to user interaction with
my application.

1.  #render:  During the renderContentOn phase arrange for the
component (BodyOne | BodyTwo) to be #render:ed.

2.  #call: During the action phase arrange for the component (BodyOne
| BodyTwo) to be called from the current body component.  The #call:ed
component does not #answer.

What would be best practice?

Should #call: only be used for components that you expect to #answer
like a DatePicker, ColorChooser etc?


Edward Stow

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