[Seaside] #render: or #call: components.

John Thornborrow john at pinesoft.co.uk
Mon Apr 28 10:07:22 UTC 2008


#call: should only be used in a callback, or when using a WATask 
subclass. (The latter leaves you no option anyway, as WATasks cannot/do 
not render)

If you want multiple components rendered on the same page, you must use 
#render:, if you want to pass control of the session to another 
component, use #call: within a callback.

It is also worth noting the #onAnswer: message, this allows you to 
render multiple components and ensure all will do specific action upon 
answering. An example:

   self call: MyParentComponent new

MyParentComponent>>renderContentOn: html
   html render: (
     ChildComponentA new
       onAnswer: [ :val | self answer: val ];
   html render: (
     ChildComponentB new
       onAnswer: [ :val | self answer: val];

The block(s) sent to the child components will ensure that when they 
#answer:, the parent component will #answer: the same value.

The above is useful when rendering a menu/navigation component, for example.

Hope this helps,


Edward Stow wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an application that has a body section, the body section can be
> rendered with two or more components.  For example:
> TemplateComponent
>     - HeaderComponent
>     - BodyComponent - one of BodyOne | BodyTwo | etc components.
>     - FooterComponent
> This question may be exposing my ignorance .... but I see two ways to
> 'paint' my page with components in response to user interaction with
> my application.
> 1.  #render:  During the renderContentOn phase arrange for the
> component (BodyOne | BodyTwo) to be #render:ed.
> 2.  #call: During the action phase arrange for the component (BodyOne
> | BodyTwo) to be called from the current body component.  The #call:ed
> component does not #answer.
> What would be best practice?
> Should #call: only be used for components that you expect to #answer
> like a DatePicker, ColorChooser etc?
> Thanks

John Thornborrow

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