[Seaside] depricated api

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Mon Apr 28 16:11:21 UTC 2008

Thanks for the info!

feels a bit strange though to use relations and then execute a 
javascript that puts the target="_blank" back into the anchor.

Kind Regards

John Thornborrow wrote:
> Hi,
> #target: (and the attribute target="") was removed from the (X)HTML 
> spec and thus removed from Seaside.
> The alternative is to give the link a relation of external (i.e. html 
> anchor relation: 'external'; url: 'http://www.foo.com'; with: 'foo')
> and run the script externalLinks (which is included with Seaside) like 
> so:
> html script: 'externalLinks()'
> Regards,
> John
> Karsten wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> today I tried to specifiy the target of an anchor and ran into the 
>> #depricatedApi again. I like the idea of how depricatedApi works in 
>> terms of you see which methods you call that you shouldn't call as 
>> they're depricated, but there's one small piece of information 
>> missing: what should I use instead? Wouldn't it make more sense to 
>> add an argument to this message with some sort of hint telling the 
>> developer what to do instead?
>> The only alternative to me seems to use the same code that's inside 
>> the #target: method in my own application but without the 
>> depricatedApi call. That's absolutely not what I'd like to do though, 
>> maybe someone else has a better idea.
>> Kind Regards
>> Karsten

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