[Seaside] It is time for a Seaside IRC channel?

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 22:22:51 UTC 2008

2008/4/29, Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn at stonehenge.com>:
> >>>>> "Steve" == Steve Wart <steve.wart at gmail.com> writes:
>  Steve> I would suggest that an irc resource be allowed to develop on its
>  Steve> own. Once it proves to be a useful place for new people, then it would
>  Steve> be worth advertising its presence.
>  Well, you have the chicken-and-egg problem then.  We can all
>  meet "at the watering hole", but the Internet is full of "holes". :)
>  So we need to agree that "people specifically interested in IRCing about
>  Seaside should go to freenode#seaside" so that there will eventually be a
>  status quo, and questions can get answered.  I'm already there, watching for
>  stuff.
>  It doesn't have to be advertised as "get support here".  Just "here's the
>  watering hole if you want to chat... might even be a Smart Person or two there
>  to get questions answered".  It'll sort itself out soon enough.


It's a wiki so feel free to edit it.


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