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Göran Krampe goran at
Fri Aug 1 11:44:24 UTC 2008


Ok, I just tested this again using this setup on my Dell D420 (small
Dell laptop, bogomips: 2394 according to /proc/cpuinfo) using:

- 3.8.1-6747 image
- gokr at yoda:~$ squeakvm -version
	3.9-8 #1 Tue Mar 25 22:39:11 UTC 2008 gcc 4.2.3
	Squeak3.9alpha of 4 July 2005 [latest update: #7021]
	Linux vernadsky #1 SMP
- Xubuntu Linux yoda 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP

I tested by loading my changeset into a Gjallar image and then using a
firefox 3 browser on:

...where there is an upload test. Ok the numbers:

Local test with a file of size 731654144 took circa 138 seconds to
upload giving approximately 5Mb/sec upload speed. Since Janko mentions
1.5Mb/sec for Swazoo this seems kinda good. :)

The image size does not move an inch during this - but the CPU shows 95%
load in top - looking closer at this it seems to be a side effect
because Process browser tells me that the actual Process in Squeak doing
the work is showing about 3% time! It is instead Morphic/idle that goes
up. Squeak is also fully responsive as is the OS during the upload.

I am sure this is related to other mechanisms in Squeak. And oh, yes,
also tried a file of size 1463308288 (double size) giving eh, slightly
larger upload time (not sure why).

Did not succeed with a 2Gb+ file, not sure why, haven't investigated
further. Code attached, it downloads files into ./seasidetmp

regards, Göran
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