[Seaside] A Bit OT: Monticello question

Richard E. Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Aug 2 04:40:25 UTC 2008

Hi all... I'm finding that I need to use the pre-built Seaside/Squeak  
image as part of
updating my local copy of Magritte for VW.. So, I find the prebuilt  
Seaside image to
be VERY slick compared to the vanilla squeak setup.. Anyway, I start  
up the
Monticello browser and point over to Lukas repository -- no problem!

I select 'Magritte-All' and it lists all versions (most recent lr. 
269).. What I'm curious
about is the 'diff' tool.. When I select 'lr.269' version of Magritte- 
all and press the
diff button, it prompts for ancestors and I select my older version lr. 
251.. What it
brings up is a window telling the diffs and if I then press "browse"  
it brings up a
'Snapshot of Magritte-All-lr.269(251).mcd' window and in the left most  
pane is
"*Extensions" and I see no modifications.. I've tried this with  
several versions
and see nothing..

Is there a way to see the differences between two versions in  
Ideally I'd like to know what methods changed, new classes, instance  

Sorry if this is OT -- I do not have a subscription to the squeak ML  
at this point
and hope nobody gets too annoyed... I didn't really see this addressed  
on the
web docs for Monticello..


-- Rick

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