[Seaside] Building OpenSSL on Windows?

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Aug 3 15:10:36 UTC 2008


Thanks for your quick response.  At the risk of appearing to be
ungrateful, it leaves the real question unanswered.  Specifically, I am
curious about ways to build the current OpenSSL on Windows using open
tools.  It is not critical, but it would be nice.

The sourceforge link is for 0.9.7c, while OpenSSL is now at 0.9.8h.  The
Shining Light binaries are current, but (so far) appear to have
problems, at least on the relevant system.  In particular, I am having
problems with openssl.exe and friends; generating a signing request is
bombing out.  I installed the recommended runtime support.

It is easy to assume that the problems are ultimately due to
"innovation" from Microsoft (SL did recently switch to vc2008), but it
could also be the win2k3 box on which I am trying to run the code. 
Maybe I did not reboot it enough times ;)  

Understanding that I will probably begin using Linux systems for my
internal CA needs (and for everything else as soon as I can do so
intelligently), and that Apache will hopefully serve as a source of
binaries for win32, I would still like to be able to build OpenSSL from
source on win32.  Ideally, I would like to use Mingw, and would try
cygwin if that is required.  I am not opposed to commercial software,
but view using Microsoft tools as a step backward in the evolution of my

Any pointers will be appreciated.


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> Hello all,
> I am hopefully getting close to fielding my BibTeX system, but decided
> to make a new certificate for the machine, and ran into troubles with
> things that I had considered stable for some time.
> Do any of you have experience building OpenSSL via mingw?  Does it
> with the most recent versions?  My bag of tricks appears to be failing
> me, and most of what I see on the net talks about upgraded MS tools -
> am trying hard to remove their influence from my life, so I am not
> on running home to Redmond.  Should  I just switch to cygwin??  I
> want to build binaries that are independent of the environment, which
> AFAIK is possible.
> If it gets to be too much trouble, I can probably switch to skimming
> off of Apache for the binaries.  I first fought through the build
> process because Apache did not ship with mod_ssl and friends :)   That
> would leave me wanting CA functionality (creating self-signed
> certificates), and I suppose I could begin to get that from Linux.
> Suggestions, warnings, saged advice, etc.??
> Bill

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