[Seaside] Printing?

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Fri Aug 8 14:55:46 UTC 2008

I have a potential application for Seaside, but in our electronic world,
they want to print.  Sending a programmatically generated pdf document
back to the browser should suffice - I think.  My first thought is to do
that via LaTeX; generate the source and then (perhaps on Linux) pipe it
into tex2pdf or whatever it's called, and then route that back to the
browser through Seaside and OS Process.

Am I dreaming?  Is there a better way?

BTW, printing the browser output will very likely NOT do the job.  There
will be much hand wringing over notations such as pg n of N, headers
appearing on each page, etc.  It is a medical application, and one has
to be very careful about "lost" pages getting into the wrong patient's
chart.  You would probably not what your sister getting your dad's
medications, right.


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