[Seaside] Seaside component usage pattern

Nir Oren nir at global.co.za
Fri Aug 15 07:20:07 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I'm trying to get my head around Seaside, and was wondering what the 
``best practice'' for the following (rather common) scenario is:

I'd like to have a webpage such that a little login box appears on the 
top right if the user isn't logged in (together with things like a 
``register now'' option), and a welcome message/logout option there if 
the user is logged in. The rest of the page's contents should remain 

So to me, there should be a login/status component as a child of the 
main page component. If the user selects ``register'', the main page 
should change to a registration page (and the login/status component 
should temporarily vanish).

This means that selecting register on the child component should cause a 
different rendering of the main component (or, in fact, a different 
class to appear as the main component). What is the best way to handle 
this situation?

Keep well,

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