[Seaside] Re: Seaside Scaling - How successful?

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Mon Aug 18 23:38:25 UTC 2008

> Any chance you can post a basic summary of what you actually 
> had to do e.g. 
> upload xyz, configure abc, go.
> Thanks - Sophie 

Slicehost rocks, they're very much aimed at developers.  You create a slice
in the admin tool which lets you choose between various bare bones Linux
distros.  Once created it gives you an IP address which you then ssh into
and as root and do whatever you please.  Basically that'll be securing the
box with a firewall, banning root from ssh, creating admin user that you can
ssh in as, enable him in sudoers, install and setup Apache and Squeak, and
you're done.  They have many great tutorials that walk you step by step
through all of this, except of course installing Squeak.

On a 256 meg slice you'll have about 200 meg ram available for Squeak, so
grab a mini image from the Seaside site, it has a much smaller memory
footprint than a full image.  With all my code loaded a mini image take up
about 20 megs of ram, less than half the size of a full Squeak image with
same code loaded.

Ramon Leon

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