[Seaside] Seaside as backend for desktop apps

Frank Berger frank.berger.software at web.de
Mon Aug 25 20:17:56 UTC 2008

Yes, it's very well suitable if you overcome the deficiencies of Smalltalk in the UI field (especially VW). Most Smalltalkers are traditionally not really interested in the UI (most unfortunately).

We are soon (Sept/Oct 08) coming out with a very versatile and large DT application software, which is also a web server. All model classes for web and DT are the same and so are most controller classes. Model definitions and the UI are fully data driven, which we have put upon the standard (and very lausy) VW UI system in many years of work. This makes it also multi-lingual, which is mandatory.

This same sw drives portals, which we place as a competition to www.alibaba.com et al. One unique speciality is the combination of local sw, a portal in HTML and a central data exchange server. The local sw can also act as web severs for direct data exchange between members bypassing the central server, for example. 

It is a business community system, a new breed of sw and it includes some features of www.xing.com or facebook etc but for professinal use, with especially a fully automatic data exchange system based on public German and EU standards. It's all in Smalltalk VW 5 with Seaside.

The problem was only that the VW UI is extremely lausy, very stupid in it's concept, it's NOT MULTI-LINGUAL (ingnorant Yankees) and has a lot of other severe deficiencies such as often no langauge-neutral names (a horror!!!!) and is badly or not at all documented. They use language-dependent labels as identifiers. What a stupid idea! We had to substitute all of this on our own, which has cost much of the whole work.

We are planning to introduce it here when the portals are running.
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