[Seaside] drag&drop position

Yves Renaud yvesrenaud at ymail.com
Sat Aug 30 09:25:36 UTC 2008


I´m new to Seaside and have a question about drag&drop:
I would like to save the position of where a item has been dropped by the user.
I´ve got a droppable and know from the mailing-list, that something like:
onDrop: (html request

        callback: [:p | self savePosition: p ]

        value: (html element

            alias: 'arguments';

            property: 1;

            access: 'offsetTop'))
whould work. But I allready use a onDrop: with an updater. How to combine both?
When I use this onDrop: (html request...) the value I get is always the same, Is there al list of all values that can be recieved via acess:? Is there a documentation available? The methode comments are very rare.
So, how to get the position where an item has been dropped?

Thanks in advance

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