[Seaside] Session Problem

Sebastián Perez Escribano sebaspe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 16:57:55 UTC 2008

Hi list, I have a problem with the login session in my site. I'm using 
Seaside and Shore Components. The main component of the site has two 
divs, a menu to the left, and the main page to the right. On the menu I 
use anchors that on click show different components in the main page 
(via AJAX). The thing is that when the session expires, I need to go 
back to the login page. I've overridden the method #incomingRequest: to 
check if the session is active and redirect it to the login page if 
needed to. Here's the code to do that:

MySession >> incomingRequest: aRequest

 ^self checkIsActive
             ifTrue: [super incomingRequest: aRequest]
             ifFalse:  [self logOut: aRequest]]

MySession >> logOut: aRequest
   | wttHome |
  wttHome := self parent baseUrl asString.
 ^WAResponse redirectTo: wttHome

This works with the components in the main page, for example:  in the 
main div I have a component with a button. If I click on the button and 
the session isn't active, the session redirects to the log in component, 
cleaning all the page. _But when I click on the anchors in the left div 
(the menu) and the session isn't active,  the log-in component  is 
placed on the right div (the main component) and does not refresh all 
the page (the menu still shows). So in this case I end up with a menu on 
the left with anchors and the log-in component in the rigth, and i don't 
want the menu component showing in this case.

This is the method that is called when I click on an anchor in the left 
menu div.

WAMyLeftMenu >> updaterOn: html for: component
 "This is the method with problems"
 ^(html updater)
     id: 'mainComponent';
     callback: [:renderer | self showMainComponent: component on: renderer]

If the session  isn´t active, the callback is never called.

Anyone has any experience dealing with expired (via time-out or by code) 
sessions and how to reacting to it (redirecting, logging out, etc)?
Any help on this will be appreciated.

Cheers, Sebastian.

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