[Seaside] Dynamic CSS

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 21:28:18 UTC 2008


My application has a number of components subclassed from 
WAComponent,e.g., VeHeader, VeFooter, VeArtist, VeArtifact etc.

The html pages that I dynamically produce can contain any subset of my 
"VeComponents" (the things I subclassed from WAComponent).  My question 
concerns the creation of the css for my dynamically produced html pages.

Because I create the html page contents on the fly, I have no way of 
knowing which of my VeComponents will be include on an html page. My 
solution creates a style sheet that consists of the styling for ALL 
possible VeComponents and its contained components.  The resulting style 
sheet is quite large.

Many times there is only one VeComponent on the page yet I have this 
massive style sheet to handle the set of all possible VeComponents.

There has to be a better way.  I was using the #style  method for each 
of my VeComponents but I have learned from this forum that this is not a 
good solution and performance will not be good.

I think this all boils down to one question: Is there a way to generate 
a dynamic css that would not degrade performance?


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