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Hey Alan,

thanks a lot.
The #beExclusive message did the job. I wasn't aware of the glorp
mailing list, but I definately dig into it.

Thanks again,

Alan Knight schrieb:
> Note that there is a Glorp mailing list hosted at sourceforge,
> which is probably a better option for finding Glorp-specific
> answers.
> Glorp does not have the ability to take advantage of the database's
> built-in cascading delete. The primary issue is that the objects in
> memory won't get told about the deletions that have happened in the
> database and so things will get out of sync. If you don't care
> about that (e.g. because you're going to throw away the objects in
> memory right away after the delete anyway) then you could set up
> cascaded delete in tables as you would normally.
> If you're willing to let Glorp do the cascading (less efficient,
> but better control) then you can do this by sending the message
> #beExclusive to the mappings that you want to cascade.
> Taking advantage of update cascade seems to mean that you'd be
> changing the primary key of the object. I think that would be very
> likely to cause any number of interesting problems, and I'd think
> long and hard before trying to do that from within Glorp. At a
> minimum, it's going to mess up the caching, which is based on
> primary keys, and you'd want to discard the session immediately.
> At 03:52 AM 12/4/2008, Peter Osburg wrote: Hi list,
> I am looking for a solution to define a cascaded update and delete
> on a field. Unfortunately I can't find a solution. It would be
> great to get some help on the problem.
> Thanks in advance, Peter
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