[Seaside] callback returning content

Gerardo Richarte gera at corest.com
Fri Dec 12 16:44:49 UTC 2008

I've been using the following trick suggested here in the list, to 
register a dynamic callback, and it's been working perfectly.

>    encoder := WAURLEncoder on: strm.
>    encoder nextPutAll: (html context actionUrl
>       addParameter: (html callbacks registerCallback: [
>            'some string I want returned'])) asString.
    with this I get a URL looking something like:


    the &1 part is the trick. With that it get's back to me in the right 
Now I have a problem: I want to use two such callbacks in the same page,
and it kind of works fine, and I get the URL:


    however, the &1 gets in the middle, and only the first callback is 
If I manually tweak the URL and GET ...&2 (without &1) the second 
callback is
correctly triggered.

    So. I guess I can manage to hack a solution changing the parameters of
the URL, but I wonder if there is a somehow standard way of doing it.

    thanks a lot for all the help, this list (and GemStone's) are 
amazingly helpful!

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