[Seaside] Session Problem

Sebastián Perez Escribano sebaspe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 15:53:16 UTC 2008

Thanks Jhon for the help. I've implemented your solution, but the result 
is the same. The aplicaction has two diferent possibles logs in, via 
desktop or via web. But you can't be logged in both at the same time. 
The priority is always for the desktop version, so if you are logged via 
web and you log-in via desktop I need to log out the user from the web 
to allow the desktop log-in. In order to do so, I´ve implemented the 
#logout for my session.
It works when the user makes the logout "manually" (clicks on the logout 
link), but when the user is logged in the web site and then logs via 
desktop, the task doesn´t work.
For example, supouse I put a #halt in the last line of the task, when 
the user logs-out manually, the halt is executed. But in the other case, 
that line is never excuted.

Maybe I'm missing something I should do with the task or the session.
  "This is my task"

      [self call: WALogin new] whileFalse.
      self call: WAMainPage new.
      self halt.

     "This method is the normal logout"
      self user logOut.
      self expire.

MySession>>webLogOut: aRequest
         "This method is called from #incomingRequest:"
          self expire.

Thanks in advance!

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