[Seaside] Starting out

Michael Atkisson michael_atkisson at comcast.net
Wed Dec 17 19:14:50 UTC 2008

Imagine you are a business programmer, although you have heard of this
exciting new environment called Seaside. 

You would like to create forms that operate like the ones you do at work
such as in Oracle Forms.  On further investigation, perhaps you manage
to make it through the tutorials. But when you go to do something real,
behold you discover that some of the most basic components such 
displaying a datagrid from rows in a table are missing.  Something that 
you probablydo on at least 50% of your forms in Oracle

Next you read the mailing list to see if anyone has a solution to the
problem. You discover that some people are decidely against putting 
anything like that in the core because of their purist inclinations.
Others are simply say to go learn one of the javascript libraries
and do it that way. This is also a dilema as you don't know which one
would be good and this stuff isn't all that understandable to you.

You don't know much about html, javascript, css, ajax, etc. and you 
probably don't want to spend a year figuring it all out.
All you want to do is solve problems like the ones you have at work in
as straightforward a way as possible.

How much further do you think that person is likely to go?

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