[Seaside] Re: Starting out

Michael Atkisson michael_atkisson at comcast.net
Wed Dec 17 21:48:15 UTC 2008

> I'll second that, the idea that you're going to do anything well in the web
> app space without knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is just naive.  Web apps
> will likely never be the easy drag and drop build it all in a GUI
> environment you see in desktop frameworks.  Secondly, basic HTML and CSS
> skills are not difficult to learn, if you can program then you can
> understand a couple of simple markup languages with little effort.
> Ramon Leon
> http://onsmalltalk.com

I personally do have a basic knowledge of html, javascript and css.  What I had
to know to get a project done.  But basically all I hear you saying.  you don't
want to put anything in Seaside that would make it easier for someone with
a limited knowledge of these areas to actually do useful work before they
can become experts.

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