[Seaside] Re: Starting out

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Wed Dec 17 23:18:19 UTC 2008

> From: Michael Atkisson <michael_atkisson at comcast.net>
> I personally do have a basic knowledge of html, javascript and css.   
> What I had
> to know to get a project done.  But basically all I hear you  
> saying.  you don't
> want to put anything in Seaside that would make it easier for  
> someone with
> a limited knowledge of these areas to actually do useful work before  
> they
> can become experts.

Dear Santa,

I want a nice widget set,
I want less session memory overhead
I want multi-core support
I want 64 bit support
I want better tutorials
I want more tests
I want better documented classes
I want a faster VM, with real closures
I want a new FFI, that can also call java and .net
I want more people to work on Seaside, Squeak and co.


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