[Seaside] Re: Starting out

Sophie (itsme213) itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 18 04:07:11 UTC 2008

The "Seaside-core" vs. various "Seaside-addOn-X" packages distinction is 
important for those who are already familiar with Seaside. And who already 
see clearly the heart of a web-application framework, separate from other 
facilities built on top of it. And who know where to find some such 
facilities or build it themselves to their need.

But, as a matter of positioning (specially for some starting-out folks), we 
might tone down presenting
    "Seaside == Seaside-core"
as a given.

My 2 c :)


"Michael Atkisson" <michael_atkisson at comcast.net> wrote in message 
news:loom.20081217T190916-341 at post.gmane.org...
> Imagine you are a business programmer, although you have heard of this
> exciting new environment called Seaside.
> You would like to create forms that operate like the ones you do at work
> such as in Oracle Forms.  On further investigation, perhaps you manage
> to make it through the tutorials. But when you go to do something real,
> behold you discover that some of the most basic components such
> displaying a datagrid from rows in a table are missing.  Something that
> you probablydo on at least 50% of your forms in Oracle
> Next you read the mailing list to see if anyone has a solution to the
> problem. You discover that some people are decidely against putting
> anything like that in the core because of their purist inclinations.
> Others are simply say to go learn one of the javascript libraries
> and do it that way. This is also a dilema as you don't know which one
> would be good and this stuff isn't all that understandable to you.
> You don't know much about html, javascript, css, ajax, etc. and you
> probably don't want to spend a year figuring it all out.
> All you want to do is solve problems like the ones you have at work in
> as straightforward a way as possible.
> How much further do you think that person is likely to go? 

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