[Seaside] need help

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Feb 5 22:47:57 UTC 2008

> I have just started attempting to use Seaside, and I can't 
> figure out how to get a new application added.  I create a 
> subclass of WAComponent and have the canBeRoot method return 
> true, but, when I try to create a new "Entry Point" the class 
> isn't there to be a root component.  What am i doing?

You're probably not putting the canBeRoot on the class side of your
component.  You can also create your component programmatically with an
initialize method on the class side like so...

    "self initialize"
    self registerAsApplication: #myAppName

Then just highlight the self initialize in the comment and do it.  If you
load the code into a new image later from Monticello, it'll happen

Ramon Leon

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