[Seaside] Trying to run of Seaside 2.8 with Swazoo 2.1 (currently they are incompatible)

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 12:57:58 UTC 2008

2008/2/6, Frank Berger <frank.berger.software at web.de>:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to port our app, which was developed with Seaside 2.7 in VW5, to Seaside 2.8 running with Swazoo 2.1.
> There are some substantial changes in Swazoo 2.1 over 1.x, which make it incompatible to Seaside 2.8:

That's a Swazoo issue. In Seaside 2.8 there were no changes made in this area.

> - Fields of a request as contained in queries and answered by queryData are now in anOrderedCollection of Ass (no longer in aDict).
> - Various protocols have been changed or relocated to embedded instances or are referring to other data types now.
> - A new class HTTPRequestLine is contained in an HTTPRequest and this is where the "method" accessor is now located.
> - Due to this the method SeasideResource -> convertRequest: does not work any more (changed protocols in Swazoo 2.1).
> - I found further incompatibilities in the data types supplied by WARequest in headers (now an instance of HTTPHostField versus an expected Collection by takeServerParametersFromRequest: and it therefore crashes).
> - When trying to get the lastest version to run (Seaside 518_19) I found that some accessors don't work with Swazoo 2.1.
> - In Seaside there is still this nasty /seaside/go subject and, of course, I cannot expect my users to enter this
> (sorry, but this was a very very bad idea and the way how this is hidden is most tricky, why don't you finally give this up!?)

Talk with Cincom about this. Is only part of their port and not
present in Squeak. There are some hacks in there though to make it

> I am not yet at the end, so I assume that there are more problems ahead of me.
> Of course, there is virtually no documenation or mentioning of the changes that I could find. The few notes on the Seaside and Swazoo websites cover only minor parts of the changes but do not mention these important changes.

That is a valid point. IMHO http://www.swazoo.org/ would be the right
place to document this.

> My questions:
> - Has anybody already changed Seaside 2.8 so that it runs with Swazoo 2.1?

Yes, with full encoding support.

> - Are there any changes / bridge available to make the two compatible with one another (currently they are definetly incompatible)?


> - Are there any more severe changes / problems to expect? (I have not yet even been able to start our application yet)


> My offer:
> If there are no changes available yet to make the two compatible I am offering to contribute these as I must make the two compatible in any case immediately. I am planning this:
> - Make Swazoo and the relevant Seaside parts switch selectable to deliver either aColl or the old Dict, because I don't need or want aColl by now and I expect aDict to be faster, too.
> - Deliver my documentation that I have and still am added to the code (sorry, I cannot and don't want to try to live with any undocumented code). All, really all of my code is documented and this is even more important for foreign code.

As noted below I wrote a Swazoo 2.1 adapter for Squeak. I tried to
split it into parts that are portable and parts that are not. It is
intended for Seaside 2.9 but there are some hacks to make it work on
Seaside 2.8.


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