[Seaside][VW] Installing Current Version of Seaside

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 7 07:22:35 UTC 2008

Conrad Taylor a écrit :
> Hi, how does tell which Seaside package is installed in your current 
> working image?  Are there documents somewhere that details the 
> installation process for Seaside on VW?
I do not understand what issue you are trying to address with these 
questions, but here are a couple of reminders that may help.

There are two ways to install Seaside into a VW image.
1. From a parcel
Seaside parcels are available on the regular distribution CD. To install 
Seaside, load either parcel SeasideForWebToolKit or parcel 
SeasideForSwazoo, or both. On the 7.5 CD, these parcels are for Seaside 
2.6. You get a different version of Seaside on earlier CD's.
2. From the Store public repository
The bundles to load are SeasideForWebToolkit and SeasideForSwazoo. They 
are available for multiple Seaside versions (2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8), for 
each of these versions choose the most recent version.

To determine what Seaside version is currently loaded in an image, I 
would suggest to use the class browser. If you have a bundle named 
Seaside, then it means that bundles were loaded from the public store 
repository. In this case, select the Seaside bundle and have a look to 
the status bar at the bottom. That should tell you what version you 
have. If you do not have a bundle named Seaside, look for a package 
named SeasideBase and have a look at the bottom of the package comment. 
You should be able to find the Seaside version string. If you do not 
have the SeasideBase package, then your image does not have Seaside.

All the above is for VW 7.5 and earlier. With VW 7.6, things will be 



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