[Seaside] Updaters in safari

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Feb 8 21:38:09 UTC 2008

Hi there,

	I'm setting a 'self halt' in the callback of an updater. It halts as
expected for FF, IE and Opera but for Safari it just wont stop.

	... OK just found the issue: this updater is executed from a submit
button on click. For others UA than Safari it's fine but when you really
wont a submit on a submit button (because you are making the system to react
at UA level only) using a button with an empty callback is not enough. 

	So to myself: that's why WAButtonTag #bePush, #beRest and #beSubmit
are there, and beSubmit is the default. (by the way thanks for documenting
that u guys),


PD: I'm using Safari 3 beta for windows to test the system for Safari
(please don't shoot me)

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