[Seaside] Re: Re: session variable vs. dynamic variable

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 9 00:47:21 UTC 2008

"Holger Kleinsorgen" <h.kleinsorgen at i-views.de> wrote

> - implement #announceOrDelegate:

Sounds promising, thanks.

> This way, the component with the callback does not need to know any 
> details about the parent component. Also, it's easy to turn AJAX requests 
> off (by making #asyncRenderWith: simply evaluating the block, and 
> #asyncCallback: falling back to #callback:).

What block args & typical body goes into
    asyncCallback: [ ?? ]
Any rendering code at all? Or just model &/or component tree updates? Even 
"id" is not required by the callback rendering method? Sounds quite nice. 
Can you share a small example and/or the implementation?

Such things would be very useful in Seaside + SU.

- Sophie 

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