[Seaside] Re: Re: session variable vs. dynamic variable

Holger Kleinsorgen h.kleinsorgen at i-views.de
Sat Feb 9 12:58:30 UTC 2008

Vladimir Pogorelenko schrieb:
> and I got walkback when clicking on '+' with unknown method send 
> #cull:cull:cull: could please look out where this method is located?

In VW 7.6 it's in the base image. For VW < 7.6 you can load the package 
"BlockCulling" from the public repository 
I dont know if there is an equaivalent package for Squeak.

BlockClosure>>cull: anObject
	^self numArgs = 0
		ifTrue: [self value]
		ifFalse: [self value: anObject]

BlockClosure>>cull: anObject cull: bObject
	^self numArgs < 2
		ifTrue: [self cull: anObject]
		ifFalse: [self value: anObject value: bObject]

BlockClosure>>cull: anObject cull: bObject cull: cObject
	^self numArgs < 3
		ifTrue: [self cull: anObject cull: bObject]
		ifFalse: [self value: anObject value: bObject value: cObject]

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