[Seaside] Monit on Ubuntu / Debian to monitor Seaside images

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Sat Feb 9 16:42:05 UTC 2008

> > Creating a service with daemontools is merely a matter of 
> creating a 
> > symbolic link in the /service directory to your run scripts 
> directory, 
> > the service is automatically started and monitored within 5 
> seconds or 
> > so.
> > 
> Could work but you can make this to send you an email when, 
> for instance, an image is getting high cpu for more than lets 
> say 20 secods or such kind of scenarios?

I didn't say monit wasn't still useful, just that services are easier to
create and automate with daemontools than with init.d.

> > 
> HAProxy was choosed because it preserves the choice of 
> balancing with a server during the whole session. Apache was 
> unable to achieve that at the time. So now apache can 
> preserve session routing properly? Do you have any doc to 
> configure mod_proxy that way?
> Thanks,
> Sebastian

Sort of, I haven't blogged about it, but we hashed out the necessary steps a
while back

Ramon Leon

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