[Seaside] Serving static files from an external web server

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 12:49:02 UTC 2008

> > > I have a smallrequest concerning the way files are served, you said
> > > you worked on WAFileLibrary. Will the FTP addon that Colin provided be
> > > included ?
> >
> > No. Somebody would have to provide that as an external plugin.
> >
> And changing FileLibrary (maybe subclassing to have
> WAExternalFileLibrary) so that files are held in a remote server. You
> think there is an interest (I think it's different from Colin's
> approach?) ?

Aha, well that's already there. It is called WAFileDirectory and you
can add it from the dispatcher configuration. In the configuration of
WAFileDirectory you can then specify a directory on your file-system
and there you go ...

Right now it is in the core, but it will probably soon move to its own
package. It currently only works on Linux and OS X. Probably not on
Windows. I guess we have to use SPORT to make it work on all platforms
on all OS?

> I may give a try in I find some time :s ) but I need to load 2.9
> first. Still that way ?

There are  some hints on squeaksource.com and on seaside.st. It will
become simpler in the future ...

> "Yes, the easiest way is probably to load the
> Seaside-Squeak-Kom-Full-lr.5 MCM and then either update manually or
> "update from repositories"."

Yes, try that.

> > I can confirm that: Last sunday I had around 5000 unique visitors to
> > my Pier web site that also runs on an old Athlon 64 3000+ Linux box. I
> > didn't see any increase of CPU load either.
> >
> yes except, you had in one day what I had in a month :) 5000 a day is
> really cool. How many concurent connections at max, 30-50 ?

Counting the entries in the log gives approximately 1.54 hits a second
on Squeak, Seaside and Pier. Not much.


Lukas Renggli

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