[Seaside] Re: Mootools with Seaside (Hernan? Boris?Michael Lucas-Smith? Others?)

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 20:19:55 UTC 2008

"Michael Lucas-Smith" <mlucas-smith at cincom.com> wrote

> There's no Scriptaculous equivalent built on Mootools - nor is it likely 
> there ever will be, that's simply not what they're trying to do.

Perhaps widgets like MochaUI or MooTabs (if well designed) might be?

> a) One thing my colleagues and I discovered when we built our comet driven 
> web framework

Is framework that still around, and by any chance accessible?

Several points in your description sound very interesting (to me). It would 
be great if Lukas or Avi have some insights to share on these different 

> e) Because all interations were done with (Mootools) Request calls the URL 
> of the page would never update, thus avoiding the Back button problem that 
> continuations solves. Instead, we used a javascript trick that allows you 
> to change the URL on the page and add it to the pages history 
> dynamically - that meant that at certain points in server code execution, 
> the server could say to the client "now you are on a page that has a solid 
> URL that I can return to". This facilitated building all entry points and 
> REST based APIs

Was the intent to totally replace back-button usage with this? Or to be able 
to combine both mechanisms? If the latter, would you not need something more 
than your (f)?

> f) Because there was only ever one page on the server to represent a

> There was also no passes to process actions and callbacks, those were 
> registered in to a weak dictionary so that if an element was destroyed, so 
> was the callback.

I wonder if something like the latter (removing callbacks when their 
components are removed) could be done with Seaside+SU today, and if it might 
solve some cases of "missing-component".



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