[Seaside] Multiple versions of a image file

Ronaldo Ferraz ronaldoferraz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 17:29:41 UTC 2008


First time posting here, so I figure I should thank all the people
behind Seaside and this list. You are making Web development
interesting and fun to me again. I'm evangelizing Seaside as strongly
as I can here in Brazil, but I guess my Rails past is not helping
much. I'll get there, though. :-)

Anyway, I'm using Magritte to implement an application and I'd like to
automatically generate version of an image file as soon as its upload.
My first thought has been to change MAFileModel to support that and
propagate the support to its subclasses, and change MAFileDescription
to support a new attribute called versions or something like that. Is
that a good path, or is there is something already that I should use?

Thanks for the help.


Ronaldo Ferraz

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