[Seaside] Concurrency question

Jeffrey Straszheim jstraszheim at comcast.net
Mon Feb 18 04:16:41 UTC 2008

James Foster wrote:
> In GemStone each VM is also single-threaded but you can have multiple 
> VMs attached to the same object space. Here the typical approach is to 
> use Apache to round-robin requests to separate VMs so that blocking is 
> less of an issue. See http://seaside.gemstone.com and 
> http://gemstonesoup.wordpress.com for more info.
That sounds a little more complex than I want to deal with for my first 
Seaside app (baby steps for me).  What I want to ensure is that while a 
long running thread is handling one HTTP request, other arriving HTTP 
requests will still be honored -- they are not in Rails, for instance, 
which *requires* you to run multiple instances to have any hope of low 
lag for clients (and even then, if all of your instances are busy, 
everyone else waits).

I fully understand the difference between green threads and os level 
threads, and blocking vs. non-blocking I/O.  I just want to know what 
Seaside actually does.

Thanks for your reply.

Jeffrey Straszheim

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