[Seaside] RE: [Seaside-dev] cookies

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Feb 19 16:27:19 UTC 2008

> Hi
> I'm currently reviewing our cookie support. One of the things 
> I noted is that whereas cookies in WAResponse is a Set of 
> WACookie in the WARequest is a Dictionary mapping String to 
> String. This allows for easy programming like:
> aReqest cookies keysAndValuesDo: [ :key :value |
>      ....
> but is quite inconsistent. Any opinions on this? How often 
> are cookies read from the request?
> Cheers
> Philippe

Not that I use them much, but I'd say it should be cookie objects on both
ends, and while you're looking at it can you explain why setting a cookie
requires a redirect?  What if I want to set several cookies?  What if I want
to drop cookies like breadcrumbs for later use, why should I have to suffer
a redirect now?  

Good example, though I don't use cookies in Seaside, to easily hand off
booking requests to our .Net app, I could drop a few cookies and just link
off, but because of how Seaside handles cookies, I took a different
approach.  Setting cookies should act like a queue, they build up and become
effective on the next natural refresh.  Forcing every cookie to become
immediately valid with an immediate redirect seems rather draconian.

Ramon Leon

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