[Seaside] seaside testing - fileUpload

liliana liliana at finworks.biz
Wed Feb 20 08:32:46 UTC 2008

Hi David, (or anybody else using the seaside testing framework for these

Is there a way to specify a file content for a fileUpload component and
submitting the form? I'm interested in testing that I upload various file
formats in a correct manner

I'm thinking of something along the lines:
mytestFile := WAFile new.
mytestFile fileName: 'some filename'.
mytestFile contentType: 'some mime type'.
mytestFile contents: 'the upload format I need to test'.

	self newApplicationWithRootClass: MyUploadClass.
	self establishSession.
	form := self lastResponse forms first.
	form fileHtmlInputWithId: 'upload' value: mytestFile.
	self submitForm: form pressingButton: form buttons first.

 And then assert that I read the file correctly...


Liliana Ivan
liliana at finworks.biz
(27) 12 663 3140
Finworks (www.finworks.biz)

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