[Seaside] Pier questions

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 24 02:40:25 UTC 2008

I am considering diving into Pier for some things I am doing, and have some 
questions. Pardon me if any of these are very obvious.

- Is internal content (e.g. wiki content) represented in some neutral form, 
or in the entry syntax? Would it be easy to enter in wiki-format-A today, 
and switch including existing content to wiki-format-B next month?

- Is it simple to connect Pier objects (pages, components on a page, etc.) 
to entirely different domain objects (e.g. Customers, Orders, etc.)?

- Does Pier have Ajax capabilities, either built-in, or otherwise available 
from squeaksource etc.?
   - in-place editing of stuff?
   - in general, can one use SUComponents easily with Pier?
   - does Ajax live OK alongside Magritte?

- Anyone have a wysiwyg editor hooked up to Pier? There is a Prototype-based 
one available here http://inplacericheditor.box.re/demos

- What kinds of CMS-things available in (or for) Pier?
   - Blog
   - Discussion thread / forum
   - what others?

I'm pretty sure most of these can be done, just want to find out what is 
already there.

Many thanks,


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