[Seaside] Are Collections threadsafe?

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 13:19:07 UTC 2008

2008/2/25, goran at krampe.se <goran at krampe.se>:
> Hi!
>  Malte Zacharias <malte.zacharias at nordakademie.de> wrote:
>  > Hello list,
>  >
>  > If I access global collections of objects within my Web Application, do
> > I have to synchronize access by myself?=20
>  Yes.
>  > My concerns are whether Dictionaries and OrderedCollections are
> > implemented threadsafe or not,=20
> > I found some documents that said they aren't but they date back a fair
>  > while, so I'd like to ask whether any of you has an answer for me..
> They are not thread safe. An easy way to serialize accesses is using a
>  Monitor, see its class comment and references to the class for examples.

Monitor, Mutex or Semaphore. Which shall it be? And which works with
with patch set posted where in which Image with which VM? Because
stock Semaphores in stock Images with stock VMs are broken and Mutex
and Monitor build on Semaphore.


>  regards, Göran
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