[Seaside] path appendix to initial url once more

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Wed Feb 27 15:33:34 UTC 2008


I know now why the appendix to my URLs are missing.
Lukas advised to try something like this:

initialRequest: aRequest
   super initialRequest: aRequest.
   self session redirect

But the redirect is the one which removes the appendix
from the URL. actionUrlForKey: in WASession resolves
to WAEntryPoint>>baseUrl. 

As long as there isn't any redirect it works quite 
good. In my case it is the check for cookies which does
the redirect. Removing the check makes it work.

So for me there are two options how to solve the problem:

- there is an appropriate way of checking cookies without
  redirecting. But I fear this has to be a javascript one
  instead, right?

- I'm not too familiar with how seaside works exactly. The
  WASession>>actionUrlForKey: is the method which is called
  in both ways (cookie check and session redirect). Would it
  be feasible to take the appendix there from the current-
  Request and append it to url?

thanks in advance,


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