[Seaside] path appendix to initial url once more

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Feb 28 09:41:30 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 21:38 +0100, Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2008/2/27, Norbert Hartl <norbert at hartl.name>:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  I know now why the appendix to my URLs are missing.
> >  Lukas advised to try something like this:
> >
> >  initialRequest: aRequest
> >    super initialRequest: aRequest.
> >    self session redirect
> >
> >  But the redirect is the one which removes the appendix
> >  from the URL. actionUrlForKey: in WASession resolves
> >  to WAEntryPoint>>baseUrl.
> >
> >  As long as there isn't any redirect it works quite
> >  good. In my case it is the check for cookies which does
> >  the redirect. Removing the check makes it work.
> >
> >  So for me there are two options how to solve the problem:
> >
> >  - there is an appropriate way of checking cookies without
> >   redirecting. But I fear this has to be a javascript one
> >   instead, right?
> Right, but even in this case you would have to know before the initial
> request whether cookies are supported. You could build a proxy that
> does this before the initial request hits the Seaside application. Or
> a static html page that would contain JavaScript and "forward to
> Seaside".
Thanks, I'll have to think about the proxy. Otherwise it isn't too
problematic to deliver a script with the first request. In a load
balanced scenario only the second request is questionable? :)

> And finally an other option would be to add the cookie as well as the
> _s parameter to the very first response. As soon as we have a session
> cookie we can drop the _s parameter. Seaside does currently not
> support this as this depends on the J2EE refactoring.
What is "J2EE refactoring"?

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