[Seaside] use of updateUrl:

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Feb 28 22:58:27 UTC 2008


I solved my initial url appendix with a bad hack (remembering the
appendix in initialRequest: and append it later by overwriting 
actionUrlForKey: in my session class). And now I discovered the next
little thing which depends on the handling of urls.

My intention is to make my site bookmarkable. Therefor I like
to utilize updateUrl: in the components and extraPath: when 
using anchors. updateUrl: should control what the browser 
displays in the url bar and extraPath: should give a hint
where the anchor leads to. So from my view there is no necessity
that using updateUrl: changes the base url for everything in
this component. But updateUrl: is used in the redirect as well
as in WARender>>buildResponse. That means if I do 

MyComponent>>updateUrl: aUrl
   super updateUrl: aUrl.
   aUrl addToPath: '/foo'

then /mycomponent/foo is shown in the browser. good! But 

MyComponent>>renderContentOn: html
   html anchor
      callback: [ self something ];
      extraPath: '/bar'

the anchors become /mycomponent/foo/bar which is not desired
in my case. Is the updateUrl: in buildResponse of any concrete
use or won't it do any harm to remove it?



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