[Seaside] Evaluator not working anymore

Alejandro Martínez alemartinez2112 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 13:08:03 UTC 2008

i have updated to

and now the following evaluator do not work anymore:

renderProductListOn: html
    html multiSelect
        id: 'productList';
        list: self sampleProducts;
        onChange: ( html evaluator
                        triggerFormElement: 'formId';
                        callback: [: script | self halt. self
updateInputsForSelectedProductOn: script ]
        callback: [: s | list := s ];
        on: #list
        of: self.

the callback with the halt is never evaluated when I click over the items in
the list

renderContentOn: html

    html form
        id: 'formId';
        with: [ self renderProductListOn: html.
                 self renderInputsOn: html ]

renderInputsOn: html

(html div)
      id: 'nameId';
       with: [ html textInput on: #productName of: self ].

(html div)
      id: 'priceId';
      with: [html textInput on: #productPrice of: self ].


what i'm doing wrong?
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