[Seaside] Different Profiles for development and production

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Feb 29 14:14:26 UTC 2008

> >>
> >
> > I kind of do the same thing, I keep all my config data on the file 
> > system in text files and use my own config system rather than 
> > Seaside's.  I don't like keeping config info in the image, it's too 
> > much of a hassle.  I keep three profiles, dev, prod, test, 
> with a file 
> > in the root that determines which profile is used (easily 
> toggled).  
> > Inside the directory for a profile, each setting is stored in a 
> > separate file where the filename is the setting name and the file 
> > contents are the value.
> ... And I'm just the other way ;-)
> I create configuration classes and then I zip up the folder 
> with the images and send them to my designers... they know 
> how to use the web interface to make changes that are needed 
> for db access or resource pathing, and don't have to look for files.
> - Brian

OK, but how do you easily move configs between images?  What's nice about
files of course is it makes it much easier to share configs between images
and/or edit config from a shell, which matters to me since I manage my
production servers via ssh.  I think Unix/Linux proved long ago that plain
text configuration files worked better than custom binary formats (like
Windows) and since switching to Linux, I've come to appreciate that approach
much much more.

Ramon Leon

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