[Seaside] expanded view of MAToOneRelationDescription

Ch Lamprecht ch.l.ngre at online.de
Tue Jan 1 23:21:00 UTC 2008


playing with Magritte - and with Ramons Blog example
(thanks a lot for that), I have the following problem:
Say I would like to add an instance variable datetime to BlogPost (just an 
example - could be any 'composite'). Datetime would hold 'time' and 'date' 
attributes and have appropriate descriptions for that on its class side. If I 
then add a 'descriptionDatetime' to BlogPost class like:

             selector: #datetime
                label: 'datetime'
             priority: 20)

I get a delete and an edit button if I show it like so:
  BlogPost new asComponent.
Works fine...
What would I have to do in order to get an 'expanded' view of my datetime 
instance?? The only way I found was proxying the accessors and descriptions into 
the BlogPost Class...

Thank you, Christoph

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