[Seaside] FileLibrary / css files confusion

Amos aaamos at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 05:34:41 UTC 2008

Hi Sophie,

Personally, I'd use external static stylesheets (i.e. CSS files) every
time, mainly because I don't like having my CSS spread out all over
the place and because I can then use whatever favourite CSS editor I
want. I also don't like having huge methods with lots of css in one
string - goes against my Smalltalk instincts ;-) That way, if a
project becomes large enough to have a "real" CSS designer (rather
than just me tinkering with it in the early stages), the designer
doesn't have to know Squeak/Smalltalk in order to work on the
stylesheet. For a single web site, I'd start out with a single
stylesheet, then maybe add more as the site evolves, say an extra one
for print media, etc. A single stylesheet would also make it easier to
see whether you're overriding the expected li.menuItem property
somewhere further down in your DOM hierarchy. Single stylesheet =
single error source (i.e. at least it's all in one place when looking
for errors).

But that's just personal preference, use whatever works best for you.

I don't use FF much, so I can't tell you exactly where, but there
should be a setting where you can determine how often you want to
refresh certain files (rather than using cached versions). Set it so
that CSS sources are "always" checked for newer versions on the
server. If you then use a single css file, changes to it should be
reflected as soon as you refresh the page in the browser. (In Opera,
it would be Preferences > Advanced > History > Check Documents:
Always.) If nothing else works, clear your cache completely so you at
least know you're getting the newest version, and perhaps even have
your stylesheet validated (http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/)... to
be sure, to be sure ;-)



On 1/2/08, itsme213 <itsme213 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am using just Squeak + Seaside, no Apache. I have the current Seaside 2.8
> from Package Universe.
> I want styles in a single place (styles.css file, or a #stylesCss method,
> don't care which one). I want changes in that single place to be instantly
> reflected in what I see in the browser (just development mode).
> What is the simplest possible thing I can do to make this work? Edit
> #stylesCss to change the literal text? Edit an external styles.css file?
> I find that I make changes to #stylesCss or to the external file styles.css,
> and neither one shows up in what the browser sees (checked through FireBug).
> Below is exactly what I see at the moment:
> Firebug:
> li.menuItem {font-size:0.8em;} /* NOTE: this is an OLDER version */
> #stylesCss:
> ^ 'li.menuItem { font-size: small; display: inline;}'
> The version sent to the browser is not the current version of either
> #stylesCss or styles.css.
> This is getting me quite confused and frustrated. Any help, clarification,
> etc. appreciated!
> Sophie
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