[Seaside] Re: Session expiry

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 02:08:27 UTC 2008

itsme213 wrote:
> "Lukas Renggli" <renggli at gmail.com> wrote in message
>> For example to ensure the persistency of a session as long as the user
>> keeps its window open can be done by adding some Scriptaculous code to
>> your page:
>> html request
>>     every: (sessionExperyTime - 5 seconds);
>>     callback: []
> Where should this ideally be? 
I put it in a decorator attached to the root component... its in the
Helper framework as the KeepAliveHelper, just load Jetsam (or the
Jetsam-Helpers sub package) add WAHelperConfiguration to you settings
and enable the KeepAlivehelper


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