[Seaside] sending emails

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Jan 4 04:24:03 UTC 2008

> >>>>> "Ramon" == Ramon Leon <ramon.leon at allresnet.com> writes:
> Ramon>                 nextPutAll: 'text/html' ; "or text/plain"
> Keep in mind that for a significant portion of the internet, 
> providing an HTML-only email will cause it to be ignored or 
> worse, mark you as a spammer.
> Use text/plain, or at least multipart/alternative with a 
> text/plain payload choice, please.

Oh I couldn't agree more, I was just avoiding the next question, how do I do
html emails.  I despise them myself, but I've accepted that most people
really just don't care, and html emails aren't going away, no matter how
much I rant and rave about it.  Also on my shit list are giant signatures
with attached images of scanned signatures that dwarf the tiny emails
they're attached to.  I routinely receive emails from one guy who's sig is
nearly a page and a half long.

Ramon Leon

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