[Seaside] Re: Component granularity & numbers

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Jan 5 13:39:26 UTC 2008

Is your domain model design scalable, clean and simple? Is your application
domain design scalable, clean and simple? Is the browsing experience good
enough? If so what would be the problem of having 1500 components in one

Perhaps I'm not understanding your question.



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> "Yanni Chiu" <yanni at rogers.com> wrote
> > The approach will start to break down when the underlying business 
> > objects have more specialized behaviour.
> If by "specialized behaviors" you mean things that typically 
> involve some sequence of user interaction, primarily dealt 
> with by WATask or Ajax equivalents, I include these as well. 
> I think much of these can be automated by generic components 
> + suitable metadata. I'd be interested in other kinds of 
> things you consider exceptions as well.
> I was looking more for guidance on plain scale of # of 
> components. If a page shows 5 primary domain objects in some 
> detail, but show another 100 domain objects in summary, some 
> of them multiple times (e.g. just their names), should I use 
> 105+ components instances or just 5?
> Thanks - Sophie
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