[Seaside] Magritte Tutorial MAReport>>refresh

Ch Lamprecht ch.l.ngre at online.de
Sat Jan 5 21:48:00 UTC 2008


trying to follow the Magritte tutorial by Lukas Renggli, I got stuck in Exercise 
12 : As the text says, the Report view is not updated and I tried to add calls 
to #refresh the report where it seems reasonable (immediately after adding / 
editing / removing a new MAPerson) - I also tried with a 'report refresh' 
inserted in MAPersonManager>>renderContentOn: immediately before the call to 
render the report without success. If I open the Object Inspector for the report 
on the PersonManager page and perform 'self refresh'->doIt on the report I see 
the cache set to nil. But when I close the Inspector and open It again it has 
taken its old value, which is not the actual one.

Thanks for any hint, Christoph

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