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Ching de la Serna ching.dls at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 03:23:54 UTC 2008

On Jan 7, 2008 1:12 AM, Tom Phoenix <rootbeer at redcat.com> wrote:

> On Jan 6, 2008 5:14 AM, Ching de la Serna <ching.dls at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I evaluated the following code suggested :
> >
> > username:= 'userName'.
> > password:='passWord'.
> > client := SMTPClient openOnHostNamed: 'mail.mydomain.com ' port: 25.
> > client user: username; password: password; login; initiateSession.
> > client mailFrom: 'admin at mydomain.com';
> >      recipient: ' admin at myotherdomain.com';
> >      data:
> > 'Subject: Hello from SMTPClient!
> > From: admin at mydomain.com
> > To: admn at myotherdomain.com
> > Sending from SMTPClient!'.
> > client quit.
> >
> > and I got the following response from the mail server on mydomain.com:
> >     '503 AUTH command used when not advertised'
> I hope you didn't really bother the nice people at mydomain.com. You
> did use your own SMTP server, didn't you?

Tom, I did send a support ticket in this regard asking for their help in
accomplishing what i wanted to do which was to send emails from squeak. I
wanted to see if I could use their SMTP server since my account included
email capability. I assumed that sending emails from squeak would be
possible if I could find the mechanism for authenticating a session using my
account with their servers.

> Does it matter to you that messages such as #initiateSession are
> listed only in the "private protocol"? The "public protocol" includes
> #mailFrom:to:text:.

the code snippet that I used comes form  http://blog.saush.com/?p=199 and I
merely copied it and tried it on a workspace. I assume that messages like
#initiateSession interacts with the SMTP server in the prescribed manner for
authenticating the source of the session as evidenced by the need for

> Have you tried stepping through your code to see what step it was
> trying to do when it got that message?

Googling '503 AUTH command used when not advertised', I gathered that
certain steps needed to be be accomplished which included issuing the EHLO
command before the AUTH command. I was wondering if anyone had any
experience with this at all.

Thanks for the input, Tom

> Good luck with it!
> --Tom Phoenix
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