[Seaside] stunnel secure access to seaside on Windows Server 2003 (IIS 6)

Rainer Keller driverwriter at mac.com
Mon Jan 7 08:49:54 UTC 2008

> Seaside itself is no webserver, it can not do https. These settings
> are only for the urls generated by Seaside, eg. the <a href="" stuff
> in the html. They do not affed the web server in any way. You'd need
> them for example if you run Seaside behind some proxies for example.

I understand. But precisely those seem to give me problems.
My current guess is that Seaside always generates http:// even if the  
original request came in as https://
But I am really a newbie in this, I will poke around in the code and  
get a better uderstanding before bugging people more :)

> IMHO using a reverse proxy is the way to go. Most people use Apache so
> you'll naturally find most information about it. However since you
> already have a webserver (IIS) installed, I'd rather use this one as a
> reverse proxy than install an other one.

Yes, I had read about that as well.
And I had found comments similar to what Ramon posted in his reply ;)
And I had looked through the IIS configuration pages.
 From my googling and poking around it seems that IIS is not a proxy  
server. You need to have ISA installed to get that. And ISA got too  
interfering with the access for my local clients, so I uninstalled it  

I just prefer to have as simple a server setup as possible, so I  
rather won't mess with adding apache on top of IIS. From what I  
understand stunnel is giving me what I need in regards to security. If  
I can figure out how to have seaside leave the https intact when  
generating URLs I thik I am set. And I might even not be the only one  
who would like that, I can imagine other people would like to be able  
to do a simple secure seaside configuration for their little home  
networks as well.

I found a post on the seaside pages that looked interesting:
In the FAQ is a entry about "How do I get the requester's IP address?".
( http://seaside.st/documentation/faq/how-to?19&_k=FegBxlIo&_n&_s=ZXlrxaHcwGoLGZTZ#59795473 
That apears to me a good starting point to find what seaside knows  
about incoming requests, right?
And this means that the actual web servers in front of seaside are  
Korn, Swazoo or WebKit, right?

Thanks for your answer!
- Rainer

> Cheers
> Philippe
>> So here are my questions:
>> - Is there a "configuration how to" that I missed when browsing the
>> site?
>> - Or is there a way to actually search the previous posts about
>> seaside (I can read the archives, but I haven't figured out how to
>> search with gmane or pipermail.
>> - Or can somebody tell me the little trick that I need to achive what
>> I want (I hope my post is not too convoluted, I am not a native  
>> eglish
>> speaker and may be put too much information in this).
>> - Or can somebody give me a hint where to look for the URL generation
>> in the code. I haven't searched yet as I am still trying to grasp
>> basics of Pier and some more of Squeak itself.
>> Best Regards
>> Rainer Keller
>> - in search for the ultimate software platform to replace my index
>> cards with...
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